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At XIAMEN LANDEE INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. you will find an extensive range of Industrial Steel Pipe, Valve, Flange, Pipe Fitting, Fastener, Gasket and other spare parts for industrial use - more than 50 product types available in over 400 sizes and 20 materials, in fact. And our engineers work tirelessly to innovate and improve.

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The forged carbon steel piping components, either flanges or fittings, made from ASTM A105 materials can be applied to ASME B31.1 power piping. The allowable stress values for power piping shall be determined in accordance with 102.3.1 of Code B31.1. These values are generally consistent with those assigned for Section I, power boilers.

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Parts Store for Boilers and Water Heaters Boiler Equipment has a parts inventory second to none. 87% of all orders received are shipped the same day. Special handling is no problem at Boiler Equipment.

PDF ASME Codes & Standards Development: Offshore Oil and Gas

This Standard currently applies to onshore pipeline systems constructed with ferrous materials and that transport gas, but can be modified to cover other offshore pipeline systems. It describes a process that an operator of a pipeline system can use to assess and mitigate risks in order to reduce both the likelihood and consequences of incidents.

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Re: Gasket Factors "m" and "y"` 07/05/2007 6:44 AM You are right, and these factors apply for design of non-standard flanges used in pressure vessels and heat exchangers designed in accordance with ASME BPVC.

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Boiler Gaskets There are many, many boiler manufacturers over the years that have created many different designs and iterations of boilers to heat water or make steam. The one thing all of them have in common is that they require gasket material for the clean-out and inspection ports.

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In addition special rubber gasket, screwed with hold-down nut, guarantees reliability functions and leak resistance. Nut tightening is made with common gas-pipe wrench and the main thing in this work is not to damage fitting screwthread. In order to ensure leak resistance the pipe should go all the way into the fitting.

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Weil-McLain means warmth and comfort. Our energy-efficient, high-quality gas and oil-fired boilers are designed to fit any size residential application.

PDF 5.23.22 Steam and Condensate Piping and Pumps Design and

5.23.22 - STEAM AND CONDENSATE PIPING AND PUMPS DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION STANDARD Design and Construction Standards, Revised January 2013 3 5.23.22-steam to be Armstrong #213Provide a separate gate valve installed between the trap valve station and the steam line. Gate valves should be cast steel and

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Spiral wound gaskets are manufactured by alternate layers of metal strip winding and non-metallic fillers spiral winding together into V-shaped, providing the gasket with mechanical resistance and resilience. It can be used for sealing flange joints, tube covers, boilers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels and valves.

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Boiler Gaskets & Seals. For over 90 years, Hennig Gasket has been providing solutions for virtually every industry requiring gaskets and seals. As part of our extensive in-house inventory, Hennig Gasket is an authorized distributor and strategic partner for many of the top names in boiler gaskets and seals, including:

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Sheet and Ring Gaskets. 1,953 products found. Sheet and ring gaskets help seal surfaces and prevent leaks. They're used in plumbing repair, maintenance or installation jobs, and other projects requiring a tight seal. View All . Search within results . Previously Purchased

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The stop or crown Valve isolates the boiler and its steam pressure from the process or plant. If steam is pressurised, it will occupy less space. Steam boilers are usually operated under pressure, so that more steam can be produced by a smaller boiler and transferred to the point of use using small bore pipework.


Ø Replace all gaskets on the waterside and steam connections. The cost is minor compared with the headaches from leakages later on. Use a graphite paste or other suitable paste to prevent sticking. Ø Gas side gasket joints are not as critical, but require close inspection and cleaning and replacement if necessary.

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A pipe can be defined as a tube made of metal, plastic, wood, concrete or fiberglass. Pipes are used to carry liquids, gases, slurries, or fine particles. A piping system is generally considered to include the complete interconnection of pipes, including in-line components such as pipe fittings and flanges. Pumps,

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Applications include, but aren't limited to, flange surfaces on heat exchangers, blowers, pumps, access doors, compressors, boilers, stacks, exhaust systems, turbines, and piping. Deacon 3100 is a gasket replacement and protective barrier for metal-to-metal joints in steam or corrosive chemical environments.

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Training, meetings, conferences, and more to illuminate the standards development processes. Publications Information ASME publishes cases and interpretations that supplement our standards and codes. Becoming an ASME Member. Joining ASME is the most important connection a current or future Mechanical Engineer can make.

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The boilers are used for various processes or heating applications such as central heating, cooking, boiler-based power generation and sanitation. The manufacturers produce a variety of boilers such as pot boilers, fire-tube boilers, water-tube boilers, flash boilers, and sectional boilers.


Behind-the-meter services include repairs, as well as temporary turn-off/turn-on of steam service. We provide 24-hour coverage for special services, including replacement of flange gaskets, valve packing, screwed piping, and welding. An inspection is performed, and a labor and materials cost estimate is provided.

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Vaillant has continued to pioneer and innovate in the sector, and are recognised as a premier manufacturer of choice among installers in the UK. PHC are proud to be an approved Vaillant spare parts distributor, and as such, stock and distribute a comprehensive range of components for Vaillant appliances old and new.

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Piping Isometric drawing is an isometric representation of single pipe line in a plant. It is the most important deliverable of piping engineering department. Piping fabrication work is based on isometric drawings. Piping isometric drawing consists of three sections. Main Graphic section consist of Isometric Representation of a pipe line route in 3D space, which []

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"Many thanks again for your response yesterday and the detail you have provided this is exactly what we like to see, it's a shame we don't get reports as comprehensive as this from our other approved responders!"

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to fill small voids and surface irregularities, thus, creating a seal between the flange and gasket all while prolonging the life of the gasket. Applications: Threaded fittings, exhaust systems, turbines, ductwork, any metal-to-metal joints, pump casing, gaskets, boilers, access doors, steam traps, stacks, heat exchangers, and pressure vessels.

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Asked whether steam or hot water is the best choice for heating applications. Many factors suggest steam. Forced hot water systems deliver heat by the partial cooling of a flow of hot water as it passes through a heat exchanger or radiator at the point of use, with typical temperature reduction from 80°C to 40°C (170°F to100°F).

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IBR (Indian Boiler Regulation): Indian Boiler Regulation is a saturate body. Indian Boiler Regulation falls under IBR act 1950. This law is accepted all over India except Jammu & Kashmir. What is a boiler? Any vessel exceeding 22.5 liters (five gallons) & generating steam is considered as a Boiler Why IBR approval is required? If these Norms as per the IBR regulation are violated

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The test schedules given in tables 2.1, 3.1 and 4.1 show the performance parameter to be tested: the specification for testing that parameter: the applicability to the five types of gasket defined in Part 1: the parts of the procurement process for which the test

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Gasket selection and installation 1. ENGINEER MUHAMMAD REHAN [email protected] 2. Pre Test 1. What is a Gasket 2. How Gasket Prevent leakage 3. Gasket Specifications 4. Sizes of Gasket 5. Materials of Gasket 6. Temperature-Pressure rating of Gasket 7. Types of Gasket 8. Selection of Gasket 9. Piping Services at EPCL Plant 10.

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B31 Code for pressure piping, developed by American Society of Mechanical Engineers - ASME, covers Power Piping, Fuel Gas Piping, Process Piping, Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid Hydrocarbons and Other Liquids, Refrigeration Piping and Heat Transfer Components and Building Services Piping.ASME B31 was earlier known as ANSI B31.. B31.1 - 2012 - Power Piping

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STANDARDS IN THE VALVE & FITTINGS INDUSTRY ASTM A106— Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe for High Temperature Service. ASIM A182— Forged or Rolled Alloy-Steel Pipe Flanges, Forged Fittings & Valves & Parts for High Temperature Service. ASTM A193.— Alloy Steel Bolting Materials for High Temperature Service.

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Flame Sensing Electric Gasket 1; Flame Sensor Gasket 1; Flame Sensors 1; Flow Sensor 1; Flue Gas Sensor Kit 1; Gas Boilers 2; Gas Connector Fitting 1; Gas Nozzle Injector 1; Gas Shut-Off Valves 1; Gas Valves 2; Gas Valves Assembly 1; Gas Valves Replacement Kit 1; Gasket For Spark Ignitor 1; Gaskets 10; Heat Exchanger Gasket 3; Heat Exchangers 7

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Liquid level gauges are placed on boilers, storage tanks, or other vessels to provide a visual indication of how much liquid is present. Several different styles are available: Tubular liquid level gauges are comprised of an upper and lower valve with a tube-style sight glass covering the distance between them.

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steam boiler installations with a reasonably constant steam demand. The LC1350 controller can be used to control a feedpump, operate a soleniod valve or sound an alarm, depending on the application assigned to each tip. The LP10-4 probe has four tips, supplied separately, that are cut to length on installation to give the required switching level.

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Valve packings are selected using the following permitters : Temperature PH of the media being sealed System Pressure While size, type of motion, condition of the valve, application, pressure excursions, existing packing, and the type of valve also must be considered the first 3 on the list will narrow the choices significantly.

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Sanitary gaskets are used in processing pipeline systems for the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Sanitary gaskets are available in many different configurations, including clamp, bevel seat, flanged, PTFE envelope, schedule 5, proprietary sanitary fittings (Cherry-Burrell I and Q line, John Perry, etc.), and others.

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Sight Glass and Valves Maintaining proper water level in your boiler is extremely important for safety and protection of your equipment. The boiler sight glass is the window into what is going on in the inside of your boiler.

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A gasket is a mechanical seal that can be made from a variety of materials such as metal, cork, plastic, foam, paper, rubber, felt, neoprene, fiberglass, nitrile, silicone, polytetraflouroethylene (also known as PTFE or Teflon) and other composite substances.. A gasket is usually manufactured in the form of a ring but can be manufactured for even the most complex sealing requirements with

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The steam-water separator should be installed in the boiler room and before the steam inlet of steam appliances, the pressure-relief valve, other control valves and flow meter. And all main pipelines should be heat insulated effectively. 5. Pipeline fittings Steam pipeline, especially the main pipeline, should be in a . [email protected] > Get A